Strength and Conditioning And CrossFit Group Classes

95% of our members participate in some form of CrossFit. Why? Because it is highly effective. Our classes typically consist of a coach led warmup, a skill session, a workout of the day (WOD), and auxiliary post-WOD work. The skill sessions are designed to improve your strength, power, coordination, balance, flexibility, and also to prepare you for that day's WOD. Our WOD's typically do not last more than 10-12 minutes, as the returns quickly diminish past this range. As for our auxiliary work, this could be anything from core strength training to mobility. Sometimes we'll throw in a challenging skill like double-unders or toes-to-bar. The entire class usually lasts 45-60 minutes.

Aside from getting into the best shape of your life, the best thing about CrossFit, hands down, is the community. CrossFitters tend to be the nicest, most outgoing and friendly people you will ever meet. On your first day, you'll begin to form bonds and friendships unlike any you've ever experienced before. You'll create a support system, people who will keep you accountable and congratulate your achievements. Most of our members hang out regularly with other members outside the box. What other gym can say that?