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At Kalamazoo Strength & Conditioning, located in West Michigan, we are national leaders in health and fitness coaching. We want to help you become the best possible version of you. Offering CrossFit classes, semi and fully private training, as well as specialty programs like remote coaching, sports specific training, barbell club, and yoga, we offer the most professional training environment in the area. We encourage you to browse our site to learn more about CrossFit in Kalamazoo and to call us with any questions. Your first visit is complimentary; we'll show you the facility, discuss your goals, run you through an assessment, and make a recommendation on which of our programs is right for you.

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From the moment you walk through the door, you'll see what we mean when we say that our gym is a place to build community. Our members will support you and hold you accountable, using your name as they cheer you on and support you through your fitness journey. These bonds extend well beyond the walls of our gym, and we regularly get together outside of our facility. Come see how our CrossFit gym can help you grow, not only physically, but also mentally and emotionally.